August 17, 2022

In late 2021 we learned how united Airlines United Airlines may be planning a new lounge concept, which I’m sure many frequent flyers will appreciate. It looks like good progress is being made with this, and we should expect it to open in the near future.

“United Club Fly” planned for Denver

Denver International Airport (DEN) is a major hub for United Airlines, and the airport is currently expanding Concourse B. In late 2021, the Denver City Council published United’s lease agreement, and it contained some interesting insights about a new lounge concept that United had planned for the airport.

Specifically, it looks like there are plans for a United Club Lite, which is a concept we’ve never seen from United before:

  • The lounge will be located between gates B61 and B63
  • The lounge will be 1,563 square feet
  • The lounge will feature a very limited amount of seating, plus grab & go packaged food and self-serve drinks; the lounge won’t have bathrooms

A Twitter user has now posted a picture of what appears to be the exterior of the lounge, including the name — this lounge concept will be named “United Club Fly.”

United hasn’t publicly announced anything related to this, so it remains to be seen when this lounge will open. However, at this point it seems pretty certain that this is happening.

This is an awesome concept

United Airlines will be the first US airline to offer a grab & go food concept in a lounge, though it’s not the first time we’ve seen this concept in North America:

  • In 2019 we saw the introduction of the Air Canada Cafe in Toronto, which is the same idea; it’s a small lounge with a selection of food & drinks that you can take to-go
  • More recently in the United States we saw the opening of the Capital One Lounge Dallas, which also offers a grab & go selection, including complimentary food & drinks
Capital One Lounge DFW grab & go selection
Capital One Lounge DFW grab & go selection

This is such a great idea, especially for an airport that’s a heavily banked hub, where passengers may often only have a connection of under an hour. That’s not really enough time to enjoy a meal at a restaurant or eat a whole lot in a lounge, so being able to grab something for your connecting flight is useful.

The one challenge with the grab & go concept is that some people lack self restraint, and they view a grab & go selection as an invitation to cater their pantry for the next month. I mean, I’ve seen people bring Ziploc bags in order to empty out those stale snack towers, so I can only imagine what some people might do if they had access to something better than that. I suspect all of these grab & go concepts will eventually come with some sort of an official limit on how much you can take, with staff members monitoring.

Bottom line

A United Club Lite concept is planned for Denver, as part of the airport’s gate expansion. With this, United will have a roughly 1,500 square foot lounge with grab & go items. It looks like this lounge is nearing completion, and will be named “United Club Fly.”

United will be the first major US airline to offer this, though it wouldn’t be the first lounge in the US to have something like this, as the new Capital One Lounge DFW also has a grab & go selection. Furthermore, the Air Canada Cafe in Toronto was the first lounge in North America to feature this concept.

What do you make of the new United Club Lite concept?

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