August 12, 2022

It’s not unusual for countries to spend money on marketing to tourists or potential immigrants. However, a video that was posted by an official account of Russia is… very strange? No wonder it’s going viral.

Russian Embassy in Spain says it’s time to move to Russia

The Russian Embassy in Spain has posted a video on Twitter, with the caption “Time to move to Russia.”

The 53-second video shares various reasons you should move to Russia, including delicious cuisine, beautiful women, cheap gas, rich history, world famous literature, unique architecture, fertile soil, cheap electricity and water, ballet, cheap taxi and delivery, traditional values, Christianity, no cancel culture, hospitality, vodka, and an economy that can withstand thousands of sanctions.

The video finishes with saying “don’t delay, winter is coming.” No matter how you slice it, that seems to be a threat of Russia further cutting off natural resources to other parts of the world, especially Europe.

A couple of things in particular stood out to me. First of all, when the video talks about “beautiful women,” it shows pictures of two small girls running through a field. Disgusting. Second of all, there’s no cancel culture in Russia? I think Alexei Navalny would disagree.

This video is so beyond strange

Forget the actual substance of the video for a moment. Am I the only one confused by how exactly this video was produced, and to what extent it’s connected to the government?

  • Was this video officially commissioned by the government of Russia, or did some big Russia fan just make the video, and the Russian Embassy in Spain decided to share it?
  • Am I the only one who thinks the tone of the video almost makes it seem like a parody, especially with the commentary?

In all honesty, I would imagine that what’s promised in the video probably sounds pretty appealing to some. How many people are actually willing to move to Russia… well, that’s probably a different story.

Bottom line

So, um, anyone contemplating a move to Russia after this video?

(Tip of the hat to Live and Let’s Fly)

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