August 17, 2022

Kimpton is one of IHG’s most loved hotel groups, as the brand is known for great customer service and fun amenities, like the social password (currently valid through September 5, 2022).

There’s now a new way to score value with your Kimpton stay. As of this weekend (with no published end date), Kimpton properties will pour you a glass of wine at check-in if you “wine” about your flight being delayed or canceled.

Kimpton is calling this an “emotional support beverage,” obviously a play on the concept of “emotional support animals.” However, with the Department of Transportation’s 2020 rule changes regarding emotional support animals, perhaps they should be called psychiatric support beverages instead. 😉

Interestingly Kimpton only addresses delayed or canceled flights. What about when your bag gets lost or delayed? If so, I think the Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam will be pouring just about every guest a glass of wine for the rest of the summer.

Bottom line

Kimpton will now offer a glass of wine at check-in to anyone who complains about their flight being delayed or canceled. I think most of us would rather get to our destination on-time and not be poured a glass of wine, but this at least makes a bad situation a little better.

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Kudos to Kimpton for this creative concept. And my condolences to Kimpton associates who have to hear about how everyone’s flight was delayed.

What do you make of this Kimpton wine feature?